Aug 17 2015

Mews of Mayfair , London – Playground of the Rich & Famous

So i get a message from a very dear friend asking to meet up at a short notice. My brain automatically processes the words ‘short notice’ as ‘today’ . I immediately say yes and get ready for a monday afternoon chit chat session over Lunch. I choose Mews of Mayfair that’s just off the Luxurious new Bond street area as our meeting place.


The basement lounge at Mews of Mayfair is a regular weekend place that I frequent. It is pretty High octane, buzzing with energy in the evenings so i expect a little spill over during the day . I reach Mews of Mayfair bang on time {i hate to be late} After guzzling down a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice,I check on my friends location and to my surprise the plan was “to meet tomorrow and NOT today” Oh Blimey ! After carefully reading a trail of exchanged messages i realize my mistake.By not paying attention to the details of my friends message, i got myself into a spot, thankfully a posh spot this time. Guess its time to pay some attention to the details around here..literally.




Now this section is an area i never noticed during my numerous visits to the Mews Lounge area. Mews of Mayfair is a proud proud owner of the Mews Art Gallery that features a range of pieces from some of London’s top upcoming and established artists.Very impressive indeed!


The tranquility of the courtyard area at Mews of Mayfair just inspires you to eat healthy specially when you are dining alone & your mind is in an ‘introspect & retrospect’ frame. I tried the Chicken Superfood Salad made with some pretty simple ingredients like Mulberry mix, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Spinach, Watercress, Avocado, Pomegranate . The combination – absolutely divine!




Next to the courtyard, through the front door you enter the cocktail bar, with deep leather sofas, ‘Mad Hatter’ Queen Anne chairs and a stunning 18th century chandelier. {I am pretty ashamed to share that i did not notice the stunning chandelier during any of my past visits} An awe-inspiring wine & champagne list, signature premium spirits, fresh-fruit cocktails make it a perfect spot for pre-dinner drinks .


After paying some much needed attention to my surroundings, i realize that Mews of Mayfair is not just a regular fancy eating spot, it is an establishment spread over 4 floors , with a Cocktail Bar on the ground floor, A swanky bar & lounge in the basement, A Brasserie on the 1st floor and the chef’s Private Dining area on the 2nd Floor. The courtyard area has The Mews Mayfair Pizza,  La Cave – the private dining room and the Mews Art Gallery.     Now that’s quite a treat & retreat for the Rich and famous trotting about on Bond street . A Lesson duly learnt :

‘Everything in life comes to you as a teacher , PAY ATTENTION, Learn quickly ‘

MEWS OF MAYFAIR  , 10 Lancashire Court,  New Bond Street, London, W1S 1EY
Tel+44 (0)207 518 9388

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